Sunday, October 12, 2014

State Field Officers

State Field Officers
           Each state in India should hold at least minimum 100 field officers .Each district in state should have minimum 1 or 2 field officers.
          They are meant to work under district Collector and they've to work for district collector directly without any intervention.

Their job is to involve in all field of work nature in district and Investigate and collect information and then submit the data to district collector.

They can't give orders to any organisation or Institution's but they can pass message from district Collector .

They can Carry and Forward the Message to the People.Vise versa they can collect information from people and Submit it to District Collector directly.

Their job nature on grounds ....Go to the field and complete the job.
any disaster or any thing they have to be present in that place or area before the district Collector.

Field Officers are not VAO,RTO's .They are different .