Monday, August 11, 2014

Central India as Capital

It was my 10 years of dream plan
don't know will it happen or not but i want to tell it to you

Central India as capital

yes i think you understood from the topic

yes we are going to change the capital of India to the Center part of India.Which is going to be a non state,
Where as India's current capital is Delhi,accurately New Delhi .Which was identified and created by British. That monument like buildings where government runs those were mostly build by British government.For season they will change the Capital.They change the capital for climate.
view the history for records (i don't want to wast time by explaining that here)
Let it be there but i want to say my suggestion and idea.

According to geographical location Heart of India is Madhya Pradesh
I Suggest this State is my choice to build a new capital. "Central India".

I may be wrong but this place covers every essential features.

*Travelling distance for Ministers,MP's and Government officials to the preferred  state is equal and easy on their go by time in any mode of transport.
*Security protection from any terror activities ,Danger and attack risk is low.
*Easy access to the  metro cities.
*Easy access to the Sea's (Arabian and Bay of Bengal)
*Climate is good,Ecological situated area.
*Change in development of the country.

*Missing the old monuments in Delhi .
*Missing high security Patrols.
*Moving files and other office materials is a high cost job.
*Total unnecessary money waste .

Lets Discuss about it briefly :

                "Central India" is not a state or union territory, No CM or Governor rule for this Place.
                 President takes over it.No election in this area to select a local leader.
                Area of minimum 100 sq km need to build this
                Divide them into 4 section by artificial river or canal or Road or Imaginary line
                 Local people should be evacuated . This is a high risk task,A Democratic government can't do it easily.
                 Buildings build over here should be Ultra modern and Eco friendly.
                 Keeping Environment clean should be the motto.

                 Try to cut the unwanted public transport to cross this limited area.
                  Permanent residence is not allowed even to PM and President.After their ruling period is over they have to move away.
                   No Hoardings and Banners ,Advertisements are allowed in this limited area.

Section 1
             Official Residence : This place has the houses for Ministers, MP's ,State governing bodies,Staffs and other government officials.Shopping malls ,Hotels,Theaters,Amusement Parks and other entertainments.
Section 2
              Government : This place where government buildings Parliament,Ministerial offices,Public relation offices and etc.From where Indian country is controlled.
Section 3
              Security : Army,Air Force,Police and Security guards deployed,They took over this area for the protection of all over the sectors and capital.
Section 4
              Transport : Airport(International)&(Domestic),Railway station (Trains all over India),Bus Stands (Multiple),and other ways of road transport.

       All Places should have 24x7 Electricity,Water,Good Sanitary facilities,world class Roads.Easy access to every places.

Minimum around 10 km border area of the total sector should be covered by reserved forest.No public resident is allowed to stay there.