Thursday, September 8, 2016

Free Rest Hours in Work Space

We all know legal work hours in |India is 8 hours .
In that we have lunch hours from 30 mins to 2 hours, which may differ according to the work situations.

During working hours some working staffs may sleep at work space without working , So I have a solution for it ,

Yes, let them seep legally , I'm going to provide legal rest hours in the work space.

 10:1 ratio people in office can take rest at a separate room with cot comfortably but not in their table in an uncomfortable way.
Maximum free rest hours would be 1 hour , Later more than 1 hour will be calculated and according to that time they spent in that room their payment will be deducted . This time management will be calculated by bio-metric system.

By this rest people will become free from work tension and later they will work hassle free . Productivity of the office will be increased due to this flexibility .

(Mothers breastfeeding will not be calculated under free rest hours, Its always free they can do this whenever they want, no restriction and no need to get permission from any officials for that )

(Work space needs more flexibility to achieve more productivity)

Krishna Kumar G

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Waste land into Free Farming

India has large number of free waste land which is used for nothing.Those lands are in the hands of central and state governments.
India's main resource depends on agriculture , But agriculture is shrinking due to urban growth ,Large amount of people are displacing to urban areas from villages.
Large companies take away the farming lands n  villages for Industrialization .
water scarcity rising and its became common in all places of India.
Many farmers suicide due to loss in agriculture
Very soon India will loose its agricultural wealth .

Indian government should take pre measure steps to stop the fall of agriculture.

According to me there is a plan to use the waste land for farming

Government should call up interested people who want to do agriculture in waste land.

1.Advertisement in news paper and other media's about the free waste land farming
2.Register their identity by Aadhaar number with fees of 100 rs.
3.No education qualification needed
4.Ask them interested areas of waste land they want to do farming.

Calculate the total amount of waste land in each area

1.Divide them into 1 or 2 acres
2.See the sources of water for those lands.
3.Check the quality of the land.(whether it has ability to do agriculture )
4.Identify the sources of natural farming

Call up the people who has registered their interest in farming.

1.Give them slots and Make a land lottery system to give up the land
2.Draw the land lottery area wise and give the land where they were interested .
3. Give them each one or two acres of land in lease of 2 years . with no cost.
4.They should not do any other business other than farming in that land ,If so means cancel the lease and give it to other person who is in next level to him.
5.They should be motivated by bank loans and agricultural insurance to do farming in that area.
6.They should be educated with all guidelines of natural farming by government agricultural department.
7.They are responsible for the gain and the loss .

After 2 years of lease government should take back the land again and it should be kept in land lottery system for a new interested person and it can be given to the same person if suppose that person has luck to win land lottery again,This process will be successful and mean while waste land will get fertile with agriculture development in nation

If the person is incomplete in harvesting during the end of 2 years of lease give them penalty time of extra 3 months for harvesting .

Even after the extra 3 months the person is still not harvested in the given agriculture field means take away the half land profit without any notice.

After 6 months from the lease of 2 years that person still not completed the harvest means take away the full land profit without any notice.

By this method we can use our waste land into farming
People will get job for 2 years with profit and we can increase our agricultural growth

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Data Center in India

Indian government needs  Data Center
India is one of the largest user of Internet in the world
Indian Government doesn't have its own Data center

                        People of India were one of the largest users of Internet but they save/share their data in other countries or private as Indian Government doesn't have its own Data Center.
Indian Government should start world largest data centers which runs in 100% renewable energy .So that it can earn huge money as revenue from Asian countries without affecting the nature .World today most of the data centers run in 80 to 100 % renewable energy .
           Very soon Indian government should start it .

Saturday, June 27, 2015

No Caste

Caste should be used only to follow their cultural customs instead it should not be used to discriminate people and should not destroy the humanity in any form of violence.

To avoid caste discrimination in India "No Caste" option is needed in all sectors.

while applying for job that particular application should have "No Caste" option other than caste options. It denotes that I don't belong to any caste and I'm against it .

Even same process should be followed in Schools and colleges .
and that applications don't have those options.

Further Steps:

Government should dissolve all caste communities and caste unions .
Recreating caste union should be punishable under  law.

marriages should not be register under any caste system.
All people should be treated as equal .

In case :

If any caste violence occurs . It should be punishable with Life term imprisonment .
The benefits from government to that family should be cut off for next 10 years after judgement.

There should be No Caste certificates .It should be abolished.
All the records of caste system among people  in the government sources should be erased.
From Census,Aadhar,Caste Certificates & etc .

Revolution :

    Revolution  should break out by youngsters to abolish caste systm .
1)They should form groups and burn out their caste certificates in public ground and show their support to abolish caste system . or
2) They should return their caste certificate to certain departments Thasildar,District Collector ,Revenue department & etc. Force government to issue "No Caste" certificate .
3) Political Revolution : Caste leaders should overcome forward to abolish caste system in behalf of people .They should be the role model to abolish caste system.Sometime this method will take 50 years to come in effect.
4) In India year 2020 there should be "No Caste" come forward people and make hashtag in all social media  #NoCaste . Make people to know about it, we will make a change. join me.

Real Freedom :
         Indian people are cheated by fake freedom . We will taste the real freedom by abolishing caste system ,bribe and all the bad things grown and formed a corrupted system in India .

Other Method : Giving Up Caste

                      Like giving up Gas Subsidy Wealthy developed people should voluntarily come forward to give up caste certificates and get No caste certificate in Thasildar offices or Revenue offices . So by this method we can make people to get rid of caste system. Government have to bring this scheme to effect as soon as possible .So that at least 30 % of Indians come forward with me to return back their caste certificates and this will make a change in the future Indian society .

At first remove the caste certificate and its benefits from all government workers , Without caste identity they can work freely and it will make them to treat others equal.

No Caste Needed

Krishna Kumar G

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zero Tax Exception Beyond Super Power Nations

Everyone should pay Tax who earns money in India.No one should be Excluded.
There should be no Tax Exception or Zero Tax.

But there should be a system like this below according to this current situation in India financial year 2015-2016.

(Rupees or consider to be Annual income )

Tax limit upto 100000 rs  1%  Tax
Tax limit upto 200000 rs  2 % Tax
Tax limit upto 300000 rs  3%  Tax
Tax limit upto 400000 rs  4%  Tax
Tax limit upto 500000 rs  5%  Tax
above 500000 to 1000000 20% Tax
above 1000000 to 5000000 30% Tax
above 5000000 to 10000000 33% Tax
above 10000000 to any 35% Tax

This simple step and it is essential for India to make over nation super power.

Institutional and Organization Tax Exception should be cut off.
They should pay Tax,No Exception for anything.

When these thing happens
Every child would get free education upto graduation
Good Drinking water
Sanitation facility to all people
Equality among people.
Good governance

There  may be few disadvantages while promoting or imposing this system.
But after a year everything will change to normal.

Try This or Leave it.

Krishna Kumar G

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Enriching Disaster Management

Disaster Management
                                NDRF should be enriched .
* 100's round the clock Doctors team within 30 mins.
* 10 Portable Mobile Tower Trucks within 30 mins.
* Portable High mass Lights installation wherever necessary minimum 100 keep it ready.
* 100 Trucks of Milk after disaster .Reach the place within 60 mins.
* Shelters,Water and food supply as quick as possible.
*1000 members from other places should be brought in immediately for voluntary works.
*Fuel Supply should be doubled to reduce the frustration among people.
*Pre fabricated  houses minimum 1000 should be kept ready by central government and Tons of Tents and sleeping bags must be in hand.
*Each month a day schools and colleges students should be a volunteer in Disaster management drill

Government should have a disaster management package worth of 5000 to 10000 crores in every year financial budget

State Field Officers

State Field Officers
           Each state in India should hold at least minimum 100 field officers .Each district in state should have minimum 1 or 2 field officers.
          They are meant to work under district Collector and they've to work for district collector directly without any intervention.

Their job is to involve in all field of work nature in district and Investigate and collect information and then submit the data to district collector.

They can't give orders to any organisation or Institution's but they can pass message from district Collector .

They can Carry and Forward the Message to the People.Vise versa they can collect information from people and Submit it to District Collector directly.

Their job nature on grounds ....Go to the field and complete the job.
any disaster or any thing they have to be present in that place or area before the district Collector.

Field Officers are not VAO,RTO's .They are different .