Thursday, September 8, 2016

Free Rest Hours in Work Space

We all know legal work hours in |India is 8 hours .
In that we have lunch hours from 30 mins to 2 hours, which may differ according to the work situations.

During working hours some working staffs may sleep at work space without working , So I have a solution for it ,

Yes, let them seep legally , I'm going to provide legal rest hours in the work space.

 10:1 ratio people in office can take rest at a separate room with cot comfortably but not in their table in an uncomfortable way.
Maximum free rest hours would be 1 hour , Later more than 1 hour will be calculated and according to that time they spent in that room their payment will be deducted . This time management will be calculated by bio-metric system.

By this rest people will become free from work tension and later they will work hassle free . Productivity of the office will be increased due to this flexibility .

(Mothers breastfeeding will not be calculated under free rest hours, Its always free they can do this whenever they want, no restriction and no need to get permission from any officials for that )

(Work space needs more flexibility to achieve more productivity)

Krishna Kumar G