Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Waste land into Free Farming

India has large number of free waste land which is used for nothing.Those lands are in the hands of central and state governments.
India's main resource depends on agriculture , But agriculture is shrinking due to urban growth ,Large amount of people are displacing to urban areas from villages.
Large companies take away the farming lands n  villages for Industrialization .
water scarcity rising and its became common in all places of India.
Many farmers suicide due to loss in agriculture
Very soon India will loose its agricultural wealth .

Indian government should take pre measure steps to stop the fall of agriculture.

According to me there is a plan to use the waste land for farming

Government should call up interested people who want to do agriculture in waste land.

1.Advertisement in news paper and other media's about the free waste land farming
2.Register their identity by Aadhaar number with fees of 100 rs.
3.No education qualification needed
4.Ask them interested areas of waste land they want to do farming.

Calculate the total amount of waste land in each area

1.Divide them into 1 or 2 acres
2.See the sources of water for those lands.
3.Check the quality of the land.(whether it has ability to do agriculture )
4.Identify the sources of natural farming

Call up the people who has registered their interest in farming.

1.Give them slots and Make a land lottery system to give up the land
2.Draw the land lottery area wise and give the land where they were interested .
3. Give them each one or two acres of land in lease of 2 years . with no cost.
4.They should not do any other business other than farming in that land ,If so means cancel the lease and give it to other person who is in next level to him.
5.They should be motivated by bank loans and agricultural insurance to do farming in that area.
6.They should be educated with all guidelines of natural farming by government agricultural department.
7.They are responsible for the gain and the loss .

After 2 years of lease government should take back the land again and it should be kept in land lottery system for a new interested person and it can be given to the same person if suppose that person has luck to win land lottery again,This process will be successful and mean while waste land will get fertile with agriculture development in nation

If the person is incomplete in harvesting during the end of 2 years of lease give them penalty time of extra 3 months for harvesting .

Even after the extra 3 months the person is still not harvested in the given agriculture field means take away the half land profit without any notice.

After 6 months from the lease of 2 years that person still not completed the harvest means take away the full land profit without any notice.

By this method we can use our waste land into farming
People will get job for 2 years with profit and we can increase our agricultural growth