Monday, July 28, 2014

Integrated Post office

Integrated Post office

         I'm very much worried government is closing many post offices in India.
Post office became useless according to younger generation,Last year government closed the Telegram services as it is in loss.But they forgot its use in past,Anyhow it was closed we shall not talk about that.we have to focus on Post offices because it may also be closed as soon as possible.

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           we shall not waste time by talking about its centuries of histories and its dedicated services through out India before and after Independence.Lets go to the matter.

                                   Recently thy have established ATM's in post offices in certain cities its an good idea and a kick starter for its modernization or upgrade . Same to be installed in all towns and villages.
            Now people are not sending letters to family and friends we should not blame them because they are in tech era but still they are sending letters to government and official contacts by post offices only were couriers are not accepted.
Money orders went away and will be vanished soon.everything will happen and younger generation may not know those things.
                      If it was going like this very soon post office may be closed due to loss and government cannot handle this for long just for name sake.
Then How to Stop Closing the Post offices in India.You may ask.

i Plan India

                            "Integration of Post office "

                    People are not directly connected to the government schemes but they are connected indirectly, or not connected all the time just for a season of time.come on let me explain this.

If you need a 'Voter id or Aadhar card ' you have to wait for the special camp held in your area or have to give petition to the Thasildar,VAO  or some government district  authorities who are not directly related to the Election commission or UIDAI .They may not receive your application at all the time,they may send you back as they didn't get any government order or they will get your application and kept in aside for months.

In India there is no separate office for Election commission and Aadhar card in every district and they don't have proper authorities.
So Now this can be Integrated to the Post office .
Every district Head post office should  have
  • Aadhar counter ,Identification and ID equipments,Issuing Officer.
  • Election Commision district or zonal officer,
  • Passport Issuing and Renewal Authorities(already they receive passport applications).
  • Disaster Management Authority.(Who takes care upon communication facilities during time of disaster in their districts) (you may thing it as fun but in that situation people need that) .
  • RTI district office. 
  • Public Communication Center.(Hub for Public with Video conferencing with officials/Ministers/PM,Internet,WiFi and etc.)
  • Banking.
  • Ticket Booking 
  • Census information can be gathered by Post office (will be accurate rather than other staffs)
  • Staff working in shift basis (extending the office Time or 24x7 ) (According to climate change the shift timing)
  • User friendly (Go Green)
  • etc.
These things which i said above can be Integrated to the District Head post office as soon as possible.

      If you have any extra idea's or any questions regarding this post please free to comment.