Sunday, October 12, 2014

Enriching Disaster Management

Disaster Management
                                NDRF should be enriched .
* 100's round the clock Doctors team within 30 mins.
* 10 Portable Mobile Tower Trucks within 30 mins.
* Portable High mass Lights installation wherever necessary minimum 100 keep it ready.
* 100 Trucks of Milk after disaster .Reach the place within 60 mins.
* Shelters,Water and food supply as quick as possible.
*1000 members from other places should be brought in immediately for voluntary works.
*Fuel Supply should be doubled to reduce the frustration among people.
*Pre fabricated  houses minimum 1000 should be kept ready by central government and Tons of Tents and sleeping bags must be in hand.
*Each month a day schools and colleges students should be a volunteer in Disaster management drill

Government should have a disaster management package worth of 5000 to 10000 crores in every year financial budget