Saturday, June 27, 2015

No Caste

Caste should be used only to follow their cultural customs instead it should not be used to discriminate people and should not destroy the humanity in any form of violence.

To avoid caste discrimination in India "No Caste" option is needed in all sectors.

while applying for job that particular application should have "No Caste" option other than caste options. It denotes that I don't belong to any caste and I'm against it .

Even same process should be followed in Schools and colleges .
and that applications don't have those options.

Further Steps:

Government should dissolve all caste communities and caste unions .
Recreating caste union should be punishable under  law.

marriages should not be register under any caste system.
All people should be treated as equal .

In case :

If any caste violence occurs . It should be punishable with Life term imprisonment .
The benefits from government to that family should be cut off for next 10 years after judgement.

There should be No Caste certificates .It should be abolished.
All the records of caste system among people  in the government sources should be erased.
From Census,Aadhar,Caste Certificates & etc .

Revolution :

    Revolution  should break out by youngsters to abolish caste systm .
1)They should form groups and burn out their caste certificates in public ground and show their support to abolish caste system . or
2) They should return their caste certificate to certain departments Thasildar,District Collector ,Revenue department & etc. Force government to issue "No Caste" certificate .
3) Political Revolution : Caste leaders should overcome forward to abolish caste system in behalf of people .They should be the role model to abolish caste system.Sometime this method will take 50 years to come in effect.
4) In India year 2020 there should be "No Caste" come forward people and make hashtag in all social media  #NoCaste . Make people to know about it, we will make a change. join me.

Real Freedom :
         Indian people are cheated by fake freedom . We will taste the real freedom by abolishing caste system ,bribe and all the bad things grown and formed a corrupted system in India .

Other Method : Giving Up Caste

                      Like giving up Gas Subsidy Wealthy developed people should voluntarily come forward to give up caste certificates and get No caste certificate in Thasildar offices or Revenue offices . So by this method we can make people to get rid of caste system. Government have to bring this scheme to effect as soon as possible .So that at least 30 % of Indians come forward with me to return back their caste certificates and this will make a change in the future Indian society .

At first remove the caste certificate and its benefits from all government workers , Without caste identity they can work freely and it will make them to treat others equal.

No Caste Needed

Krishna Kumar G

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